Airobotics redesigns the drone landscape with an end-to-end base-station and drone solution that automatically launches and lands flying missions with the click of a button.

Airobotics provides an end-to-end, fully automatic solution for collecting aerial data and gaining invaluable insights. The industrial grade platform is available on-site and on-demand, providing industrial facilities with premium aerial data collection, processing and analysis in a faster, safer, more efficient way. As a completely automatic and operated aerial system, Airobotics empowers industrial companies to leverage the power of drones without the need for skilled and expensive drone operators. Airobotics’ platform enables customers to run missions autonomously to monitor, inspect, survey, and secure large industrial facilities and other strategic sites. The team at Airobotics fuses expertise in aerospace hardware design, robust electronic systems, leading software engineering, and years of experience in commercial drone operations. This varied experience has allowed them to design a solution suited to address the needs of the world’s most complex industrial environments.




Petah Tikva, Israel

Perth, Australia

Scottsdale, Arizona




Ran Krauss, CEO and Co-Founder



John Malloy