A mobile social discovery service for people, events, and locations both nearby and around the world

The idea for Banjo started when its Founder, Damien Patton, became determined to solve one of the most common but difficult problems out there -- making the world's disparate data purposeful -- and doing so live. Over the past 8 years, Banjo has continued to pioneer technology that reinvents what's possible in a truly connected world.

Most companies have a mission statement. Banjo has a mission - To save lives and reduce human suffering by getting everyone live, validated information so they can make better decisions, faster. Banjo is the world’s first Live-Time Intelligence platform that gives leaders the ability to understand what is happening live, anywhere. With Banjo you will know more, so you can do more. Imagine how our world will change when people know exactly what is happening, where it is happening, the moment it happens.  

The power of live-time, harnessed and understood for the very first time, will change the way we respond and make decisions, reshaping the course of humanity with a safer, more connected and informed world.




Park City, UT

Redwood, City, CA

Washington, D.C.

Las Vegas, NV




Damien Patton - Founder and CEO


Investment Partner

John Malloy