Diana Liu - Thursday, May 24th

Diana Liu is the co-founder of The-SIX.co. The SIX is a strategy and innovation experience consultancy. We help people design better businesses. FASTER. We use human-centered design approaches grounded by evidence and insight to solve complex business problems.  Our expertise ranges from co-creating new services & user experiences, to reimagining organization & business strategies, to re-engineering new processes & business models, and rethinking new products & platforms.  We help busy teams align on the right problems to solve, ideate and inspire, build and test prototypes and define a roadmap to execute in one week or less. 

Diana can help you:

  • Accelerate your Idea to Offer approach
  • Reimagine your product & service experience
  • Identify your adjacent markets opportunities
  • Pivot your capabilities and services
  • Expand your current customer base
  • Eliminate your customer churn and increase NPS
  • Leverage the fervor you have with your current product portfolio 
  • Redefine your global experience vision and strategy