John Malloy is a General Partner and co-founder of BlueRun Ventures.  He focuses on mobile software and services opportunities across both consumer and enterprise businesses.  John has been an integral part of the explosive growth phases of major services & brands such as Friends & Family, NOKIA, PAYPAL and WAZE. As a VC, John was the first venture investor in PayPal (IPO 2002 & eBay), Waze (GOOG), Topsy (AAPL), Slide (GOOG), Bitfone (HP), Chomp (AAPL) and others.  Some of his current investments include Banjo, HumanAPI, Kitman and Airobotics.

Prior to starting BlueRun Ventures, John held executive and operating roles at NOKIA, MCI and co-founded Go Communications.  He holds a J.D. from George Mason University and a B.A. from Boston College.



Menlo Park


Skye Aubrey


  • Airobotics

  • Banjo

  • Kitman Labs

  • Human API

  • AlwaysAI

Enduring Companies

  • Waze (GOOG)

  • PayPal (eBay)

  • Slide (GOOG)

  • Topsy (APPL)

  • Chomp (APPL)

  • Bitfone (HPQ)

  • MongoMusic (MSFT)