Premier brand for Internet live video in China

PPLive is a leading online TV company in China. Founded in 2004, as the first China online video media, PPLive offers the most influential and high sticky online TV services, PPTV.

PPTV provides both live streaming and video on-demand services throughout China. It is the largest aggregator of China TV programs with over 120 TV stations, several hundred live channels and 20,000 VOD channels.

PPTV has more than 200 million user installations and 105 million active monthly user base (as of Dec 2010), and 43% penetration of Chinese internet users. With its innovative user experiences, such as live chatting, and SNS, average viewing time per person per day has reach over 2 hours and 30 minutes, the highest stickiness among all China websites.

PPLive has developed a world-class and extremely scalable video distribution platform that delivers better quality videos faster, smoother and more cost efficient than competitors. PPLive has established an extremely large, super-performance and cost-effective video delivery platform – PPCloud(TM). PPCloud(TM) is composed of thousands of servers and over 50 hosting data center presence across China. PPLive owns over 50 patents in video distribution platform technologies.

PPLive is expanding its online TV business from PC to an ecosystem of any Internet enabled devices. PPLive is positioned to be the best online TV platform providing the highest quality videos anytime anywhere on any devices.

PPTV is a Chinese online video network technology platform provider offering featured television shows, sports, entertainment, news, and other popular video content. A pioneer in fifth-generation new media, PPTV is characterized by its live streaming service and professional video production. Based on the online video cloud platform PPCLOUDTM, PPTV is accessible from a variety of systems, including a PC website (, mobile phones and devices, and internet TV or set-up boxes provided by certified carriers. Founded in May 2005, PPLive recently secured a $420 million investment from Lenovo and Retailer Suning. An iResearch report showed that PPLive holds more than 60% of the online video live broadcasting market, making it the most popular online video entertainment platform among global Chinese communities. Its competitors are,, and Tecent Video.




              Shanghai, Shanghai





              Vincent Tao - CEO

              Bill Yao - Founder and President

              Xin Yao - CEO



              Jui Tan