App Central (Acquired by Good Technology)

Enterprise mobile application management (MAM) platform

AppCentral’s mobile application management (MAM) solution enables enterprises to embrace mobility without sacrificing control of their data. Focusing on apps and data rather than devices, AppCentral allows employees, contractors and partners to use business information on any smart device, even if not controlled by IT, while providing enterprise-level capabilities for controlling, distributing and managing access to this information. Patent-pending application wrapping technology inserts policy-control capabilities into any app, without requiring redevelopment work – no SDKs, no APIs. Distribution and policy-management of apps and content is through a scalable cloud-based platform and a private enterprise app store that provides a consumer experience. Supported platforms include Apple iOS, Google Android, and BlackBerry RIM. Backed by BlueRun Ventures, AppCentral is based in San Francisco and has customers in the Fortune 100 and Fortune Global 500.




San Francisco, CA




Holgar Assenmacher - CTO and Founder

John Dasher - Vice President - Products and Marketing

Spencer Shearer - Vice President - Services

Matt Gratt - Team Member