Professional platform for transitioning students

ZeeMee is a free platform for students to bring their college applications to life. With over 1 billion photos shared on Snapchat daily, Generation Z resonates deeply with ZeeMee, as it allows them to tell their whole story and express themselves completely in the application process. Core to ZeeMee’s mission is the desire to enable greater access and equity for students around the globe in the college application process and facilitate a medium via which students and colleges can connect professionally.

In order to achieve our mission, we offer ZeeMee as a free platform to all students around the world. ZeeMee allows students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, to express themselves in ways traditional applications often fail. As a result, we have been well received in school districts across the country and by universities that are committed to holistic review and access for all. We are excited to partner with schools across the U.S. that deeply value each student’s unique story and desire to bolster equity and access for all. While helping students showcase their passions, ZeeMee works closely with colleges for free to help them connect with Gen Z in fresh, innovative ways, improving recruitment, selection and retention.




Redwood City, CA



Vanessa Didyk - CEO

Adam Metcalf - Co-founder and CPO


Cheryl Cheng